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Natasha Green worked several professional jobs, networking to find her passion in life. After taking classes at her local community college, she discovered her love for writing. As of September 2014, Green began producing a fictional drama, the body of work became The Dialogue of a Broken Heart, making her a first time author. In this book, she gives an inspiring storyline by discussing independent survival skills denoting an intriguing spiritual journey on how to get past bad relationships by repentance and drawing closer to God. In the research process of developing the book, Natasha also started her own publishing company, Natasha Green Publishing. Immediately after releasing the book, her company gained instant success. 
Also, Natasha Green is a member of Heals The Hurt, a non-profit organization that empowers women in her local community of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She has been a member since the organization began in March 2013. As a member she volunteered her time on fundraising projects, events to service the community, and mentoring young ladies on plans for college and business. Prior to joining HTH, Natasha was a single parent working to meet the needs of her family. Now, Green believes in applying spiritual practices in every aspect of life to become successful at whatever you desire. Natasha's motto comes from her favorite scripture, Mat 6:33 Keep Kingdom interest first and everything else will be added to you.